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Food Worker Card

Food Worker Card Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs the Food Worker Card?
Anyone who handles food for the public in the state of Alaska must obtain a Food Worker Card within 30 days of employment. This list includes servers, bartenders, bussers, cooks, prep-cooks, dishwashers, meat cutters, deli workers, and licensed daycare food workers. Anyone who works with unpackaged food or food contact surfaces is required to have a card. If you are unsure whether or not you or your employees need this card, call the MOA Health Department at 343-4200 if you are working in Anchorage or if you are working outside of Anchorage contact the Food Safety and Sanitation Program Office at 1-87-SAFE-FOOD.

I live in the Municipality of Anchorage. Do I still need to get the Food Worker Card?
Yes. All Food Workers in Alaska must obtain the Food Worker Card within 30 days of employment.

I did the ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) training. Do I need to get this card too?
No. The CFPM on staff will be the person expected to ensure compliance with the food worker card requirement and to maintain those records. They do not have to do the training. However it wouldn't hurt for them to familiarize themselves with the training program.

How do I get this card If I work in the Municipality of Anchorage?
1) Inside the municipality of Anchorage you may call or visit the local Health Department at 343-4200 or 825 L Street, 3rd Floor, Anchorage, AK for more information.

2) Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health Certification Test For Food Worker In collaboration with the Department of Health we are offering certification for the Anchorage area food workers test. With our guidance students will have a good understanding of safety and best practice sanitation standards in the restaurant and the hospitality industry. Our test includes best practices for employee health which is mandatory by the new food code regulation. Members receive a discounted price which includes test and food handling card.

Please call prior to coming to the office.
Hours may vary due to office operations.

Test Only - you can test at the Anchorage CHARR office located (610 "C" Street, B-1; 2nd floor) for more information call 646-4628. $5.00 for members per test and $10 for non-members per test. Please call the main line 646-4628 or Bertis 646=0807, 24 hours in advance to schedule a class.

Classes 24-hour registration is required please call our Anchorage CHARR to register. Please call the main line 646-4628 or Bertis 646=0807, 24 hours in advance to schedule a class.

Off-site group classes for 5 people or more is available to our members, you can schedule by calling Karen at 646-4628. On-site group classes are available for non-members. Cost for the class is $10 for members per student and $20 for non-members per student.

How do I get this card If I work outside the Municipality of Anchorage?
1) Outside of the municipality of Anchorage you may study and take the test online at http://alaska.state.gegov.com/foodworker/

2) You may also order testing supplies from the DEC to take a written exam or to conduct in house training. Supplies can be ordered from Linda Adams at the DEC. Linda can be reached at 907-269-2008 and 1-87-safe-food.

When do I need to make sure everyone has their card?
Environmental Health Officers will be checking for full compliance statewide as of January 2010. This means that all food workers should have a valid food worker card within 30 (thirty) days of being hired.